Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well...I finally get to graduate. It's August the 8th at 7 PM. I didn't walk when I received my associate's degree or my bachelor's degree, but I'm going to this time. It will be my last chance and I deserve it!! I have two 10-day classes in July and then I'll be done. I'm ready. I don't want to write any more papers or read any more textbooks. It has been a good experience regardless of those things. I'm in classes with people just like me who are or are going to be counselors. I've made some good lifelong friends. And if I need help or advice, I have a whole lot of other counselors that I can call and they will be glad to help me. Despite the fact that I've had to drive many, many miles to college, it's been worth it. I wouldn't want to do this whole thing online. I wouldn't be a good counselor because I would not have that one-on-one practice that I've had to do in many of my classes. When they say practice makes perfect, they are right, even though I'll never be a perfect counselor, I think having to actually counsel people in front of my peers and my professors has helped me a lot. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I'm going to get a lot of experience in Chillicothe so I'll be ready when there is a spot for me at home, if that ever happens. I think it will sooner or later and I'll be ready.