Wednesday, November 19, 2008


8 favorite TV shows

1. Best Week Ever

2. Law and Order Criminal Intent

3. Criminal Minds

4. The Soup

5. The Amazing Race

6. So You Think You Can Dance

7. Top Chef

8. Big Brother

8 favorite resturants

1. Cheddars

2. Uncle Julios, Dallas

3. Logan's Roadhouse

4. Blue Sky

5. On the Border

6. Texas Roadhouse

7. Applebees

8. La Fiesta

8 things that happened today

1. Got up at 6

2. Drove 45 miles to work

3. Had a meeting with principal and superintendent

4. Counseled fighting 7th grade girls

5. Went to Elementary to do character education

6. Got a hug from the cutest little kindergarten boy

7. Talked to Vernon College about my students going there

8. Helped Erick with his homework

8 things that I'm looking forward to

1. Being off of work for 5 days!!

2. Eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family

3. Playing games and hanging out with my family on Thanksgiving.

4. Going to the movies with Erick and Erynn and maybe Bailey.

5. Going Christmas shopping

6. Getting my windows and my roof done

7. Getting out at noon on Tuesday

8. Christmas break

8 things on my wish list

1. A counseling job in Childress

2. Cadillac Escalade....(remember this is a wish list!!)

3. A plasma tv

4. Another healthy grandbaby

5. My whole family being healthy and happy

6. An Alaskan cruise (which we are going on for our 30th anniversary)

7. A new house in the country

8. A summer with nothing to do!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Have you ever put something up so you wouldn't lose it? Well....I do that regularly, but the thing is, I don't remember where I put it. I did that a few days ago. I had 2 flash drives that I took out of my purse....I remember that part....and I put them up so I wouldn't lose them. I've been looking for a week now for those stupid things!!!! WHERE did I put them??????? I'm going crazy.

On a much better note....Lacy and Ignacio are having a baby in March. We just found out that it is a boy. We are all very excited, especially Lacy. They live in Wichita Falls. He is a supervisor at Best Buy and she is a nurse. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell his name yet. Erick came up with a nick name for him and told Tony. So now they won't quit calling him that and it makes Lacy so mad. They love to aggravate her! Anyway, they call him little Timmy Turner. If you have kids, you probably know who that is. We haven't had a baby around here in 8 years....that's how old Erynn is and she is my youngest grandchild...until March. He will be the first grandchild on the other side, so I'm sure the poor little thing won't get any attention!! We can't wait to see him! Here is a preview.....

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok, I'm tired of my previous post's headline, so I am quickly going to post an update. I will be back with more later.

  • My bad day that turned into a month finally ended, so I'm moving on. But I must say that during that time, at one point, I had an old refridgerator in the driveway, a new toilet in the kitchen and a new stove on the about hick city!! Most of those items are where they belong now.
  • Erick and Erynn played in the super bowl Sunday on the Bobcats team. They lost but did really well.
  • My nephew Jarod plays for the Wellington Rockets and we went and watched him play Friday night. They are undefeated and are the first undefeated team since 1991. We are going to watch their playoff game Friday in Amarillo.
  • I took my counselor's certification test on Sat. at WT. I should have taken it long ago, but I kept putting it off. I think I did ok. There were some hard questions, but I feel good about it.
  • Tony has been wanting a 4-wheel atv for about 2 years. He has looked and looked and he finally decided to buy one. It's a Polaris Ranger and it seats 6 people! It's camoflauge and it's huge! I'll have pictures later. I guess he deserves it.
  • My daughter Lynsi is Dr. Carter's nurse and was just recently selected for Employee of the Month. She really likes the clinic and I think everyone likes her. She is fun to be around and is always in a positive mood.