Friday, August 29, 2008

Awesome Teacher

I've decided that I'm going to try and say something nice about someone everyday. I hope that I can get it in writing on my blog, but that's doubtful that I can do it EVERY day...but I'm going to try. I have no trouble saying something nice about the person that I'm writing about today. She is such a good teacher and person. Here is the story:

Lynsi moved over here from Quanah so that her kids could go to a better school. This is a positve blog, so I'm not going to say anything negative about Quanah, although I could! Anyway, Erick is the middle child and is in third grade. He has been tested for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia and been diagnosed, but nothing was ever done about it. Lynsi tried for 2 years, but Quanah would do nothing (I know I'm not suppose to say negarive things, but I couldn't help it). Anyway, Erick got in Mrs. Jensky's class this year. The second day of school, there was a back to school night that I went to with Lynsi. Mrs. Jensky, without knowing anything about Erick, called Lynsi aside and told her she wanted to show her something. She showed her Erick's paper and Mrs. Jensky said, "when I saw that paper, I said to myself, this child is dyslexic". Lynsi was so relieved that she noticed and was actually going to do something about it. She told Lynsi that she went to the office to see what was in his file, but there was nothing about that in there..which is another story about why Quanah didn't send his record. The next day Mrs. Jensky got a test scheduled for Erick and started doing accomadations on her own. She moved him to the center of the room so he could see the board. With Erick's problems he has a hard time finishing all of his work, so last night there was a paper that was filled out in the teacher's handwriting with a note saying that Erick could not finish this paper so she filled it out for him so that he could study for the test the next day. I thought that was so nice of her, instead of keeping him in from recess to finish or sending it home with him. He has a really hard time doing all of his homework because he gets so frustrated. I was very impressed with all of the help she is giving him. I know he is going to be fine now that someone has taken an interest in him and is not just passing him on from grade to grade.

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This is Erick....he is soooo sweet and is always smiling. He's really into spy gear and he's a comedian. He's always making jokes and saying funny things.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

13 Thoughts on my mind right now

1. I should be working instead of blogging.
2. I hope Erynn is in a better mood today.
3. I'm glad I went to back to school night with Lynsi...the kids all love their teachers, including Bailey.
4. My house is such a mess....have to clean it this weekend.
5. I need to come up with a character ed. lesson for elementary.
6. I hope Tony finishes the fences this week.
7. I'm wondering how long until the bell rings.
8. This is harder than you think to come up with 13 things!
9. I'm glad my office is cool.
10. I'm ready for cold weather.
11. I have to finish organizing TAKS stuff.
12. I need to talk with the seniors sometime this week.
13. Well...there's the bell...have to go to work now.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I finally graduated with my Master of Education in Counseling. It was a really hard summer, but it was worth it. I never walked when I got my Associates or Bachelors degrees, so I thought I would do it this one last time. It was a good experience. I enjoyed it. Some of my family was there and we took lots of pictures and then went to the Texas Roadhouse afterwards to eat. My family got me a gift card for graduation. I'm not going to say how much is on it, but I cannot possible spend it in one shopping trip! It was really too much, but I appreciate it greatly.

As I've said before, I've made many friends in graduate school. Four of them graduated with me last night. LeeAnn, who is an LPC in Amarillo, Emily, who is a counselor at a Jr. High in Amarillo, Fallon, who is a K-2 counselor in Borger, and Grace who is the counselor for WT High. Some of my other friends have already graduated, are about to in Dec. or have just started the counseling program. I would like to mention some of their names to let them know what good friends they are. Hope from Spearman, Anne from Texline, Kimberly from Stinnett, Misty from Idalou, Lyndy from Dimmitt, Janet from Guymon, Lisa from Pampa, Jennifer and Melissa from River Road, and all of these from different schools in Amarillo...Mercy, Pilar, Kevin, Delana, Audrey, Susan, Jane, and Rhonda. I'm sure I left out some, but these are the ones that I'm sure I will stay in touch with.

Here are a few pictures from last night.

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