Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A bad day that never ends.....

Have you ever had a bad day that went on for days??? Well, that's what I am in the middle of now. It started Sunday when we went to Lubbock. I had to have a proceedure done on my back on Monday morning so we went and spent the night. It rained on us the whole way there. We got there at 7, ate at Cheddars and then I wanted to go to the mall, not realizing it was Sunday and they would be closed. So I dropped Tony off at the motel and proceeded to go to the mall and it was closed. So I was simply going to turn around and go back, but Lubbuck is a stupid town that won't let you just turn around and go back, so I ended up who knows where. It was dark, raining, and there was construction. I was about to get worried. I called Lacy who lives in Wichita Falls, because I knew Tony would be asleep. She was not the least bit surprised that I was lost, because I get lost everywhere I go....just ask my family. I have no sense of direction, but luckily Lacy doesn't have that problem. So she guided me back to my hotel over the phone...after being lost for 45 minutes.

So Monday morning I go to the doctor and they take me back to the proceedure room. They put something cold on my leg and I asked what it was and they told me that they needed to ground me because they were going to use electricity on me.....what????? That didn't sound too good, but they assured me they did it all the time. So I asked if they were going to sedate me and they said yes, but I had to stay awake so that they could ask me questions during the proceedure.....like 'did you feel that 8000 volts of electricity we put in your back'....of course I did. Maybe it wasn't 8000, but it sure did hurt. So that's finally over and I get to go home. The ride was horrible because my back was so sore from all the needles. We managed to stop in Floydada and get pumpkins and then came home. While we were gone it rained.....and our roof has still not been put on from the tornado, so when I walked in the kitchen...everything was wet. I had to clean up that mess with a hurt back.

Today, I didn't go to work until 12. I wouldn't have gone then but we had a very important meeting that I had to go to. It was really hard on me, but I made it through. But my bad 'day' wasn't over yet. I go to cook supper and get something out of the fridge and it's warm....I look in the freezer...everything is melted. So I have to deal with all of that.

If another bad thing happens tomorrow....I'm giving up!!!!!

There is one good thing, though....I get a new refrigerator!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I know that not very many people read my blog, but I thought that this was the best way to request some help. As you know, I'm a counselor in a really small school....there are 193 kids from K- 12....and I have a really, really small budget. I'm trying to start some fun things with the students, but I need supplies.....so....I was wondering if any of you that have kids that have outgrown things, and you would like to get rid of them, that maybe I could take them off of your hands. Some of the things that I am needing are: board games, puzzles, children's books, small stuffed animals, and small toys for prizes, such as McDonald's happy meal toys. If you have any of these things that you no longer want, just let me know and I will gladly come and get them. And things that I can't use, I'll give to the new thrift store that we are opening...which brings me to my next post.

I somehow am on the board for the new Food Pantry and thrift store that we are about to get. Starting this month, people can come and apply for food from the food pantry. The Food Bank from Amarillo will deliver the boxes of food that we will distribute to the families or eldery that have qualified. If a person is on any kind of help from the government, like SSI, disablity, even free school lunches, they will qualify. So if you know someone who needs help, let me know and we will get them an application. We are also having our own food supply for emergencies, for people who get in a bind and have not been able to apply for the program yet. They can just walk in and get help. It's also for travelers who may break down and need some help. So for our own Food Closet, as we are calling it, we will need donations of non-perishable food items and also things such as soap, deodorant and even diapers. So if you are in an organization, you might think about helping out the Food pantry and closet. We are going to have a thrift store pretty soon to help the costs of our building expenses and utlities, so if you have things you want to get rid of, such as clothes, household items, or just about anything, just let us know and we can use them. We are not quite ready for those kinds of donations until our building gets ready, but it won't be long until we can accept those donations. We will be located at the old S&S gun store. Until it's ready, we are using the Presbyterian church basement to distribute food from the Food Pantry. We can also use volunteers for the thrift store to go through items, price them, put them out and even work in the store. I think this is going to be a great thing for this community.