Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Tomorrow on 9/11 is Tony's birthday. Not just any birthday, but the big 5-0!! Yes he is 50! So if you know him, which most people do, give him a hard time. He sure gave me one! But the difference is he is proud to be 50. He took off work all week because he thought he deserved it for turning 50. He took off from South Plains, however, he has been building fences all week. I wish he would say no to more fences because that makes me at the bottom of the list. I still don't have windows from the tornado because he is always doing something for someone else. I guess some day he'll quit, but I doubt it. He has always been the hardest worker I know.

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Here he is with 3 of his grandkids....they call him T-pa.

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Here he is posin' with Ethan and Mason at a basketball game.

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This is Tony working for South Plains electric. He's worked there for almost 20 years.

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Riding the golf cart with Bailey. If he's not working, then he's playing golf or hunting. He's always easy to find.

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He was teaching Ethan how to ride the lawnmower. He's very patient with kids.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is so old....

allie nelson said...

Happy Birthday TONY!!! He definitely deserves a whole week off!

honeyma said...

This was a perfect post and tribute to a hard-working son-in-law

The Vannoy Family said...

Happy Birthday! You have such a beautiful family!