Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday something happened to Tony that I don't think he will ever forget. This is the first week that he has gotten to work since the accident. As you may or may not know, he lost 2 fingers in an accident with a saw. He and his co-worker Scott went to McDonald's for breakfast and as he was standing in line, something was slipped into his hand. He looked and saw that it was money, but couldn't see how much. He turned around to see a man he had never seen before and said 'no sir, I can't take this', but the man said, 'Merry Christmas'. Tony argued with him about taking it, but he insisted. He told Tony that he had worked in a cotton gin for 40 years and had not lost any fingers and he wanted Tony to have the money. Tony found out that he was from Mississippi and was traveling around the country. When Tony got to the pickup, he looked at what the man gave him and discovered it was a one hundred dollar bill. Tony couldn't believe it and wished he would have gotten the man's name. There really are angels among us!


Living It, Loving It said...

This post made me all teary-eyed. Angels, yes. Angels are real people. Hard to believe these days with everyone struggling.

Belinda said...

How awesome, giving is truley a blessing from God we recieve when we give. I love to give, and help others. This year is even better it seems. Glad Tony is better and back to work.