Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I've always wanted to post a picture a day for a year. I've seen other people do it and I think it's so neat to do....soooo, I think I'll try it! I'm by far not a professional photographer by any means. I use a cheap camera and just take spur of the moments pics.  I doubt that anyone still reads my blog, but I'm going to do this for me anyway. If you do read, then enjoy my pictures!!

For my first post, I will show you who I got to wake up to this morning on the first day of the new year!! Not a bad way to wake up!!

This is my youngest grandson Jacob! He's eating breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse!!

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Jenschke Family said...

I think it is cute and may try to do the same. How fun would that be? He is a doll and you are an AWESOME grandmother!