Friday, January 11, 2008

Time Flies

I found this picture of my 4 grandkids in a scrapbook that my grandmother had made for me. It's so cute. I wish they were still this small. They are growing up too fast.Lynsi's 3 live in Quanah. Ethan is 10 and a very good athlete. He scored all the points that his team made last night in his basketball league in Vernon.He sold the most raffle tickets and won a dvd player. He was very excited. He is also on a tournament team in Quanah. Erick is 8 and he loves spy gear. He got a lot of gadgets for Christmas and is always spying on us and leaving gadgets hidden that start beeping when we walk by. He loves doing that. Erynn is 7 and is a talker. She talks all the time. Her T-pa calls her motormouth and she doesn't like it. She is into Hannah Montana and High School Musical. I think everything she got for Christmas had one of those things on it. Bailey is 8, also. She belongs to Joe and Erika and they all live here in Childress. She also loves Hannah Montana and High School Musical. She plays video games with her Dad all the time. One night during the holidays, they stayed up until 5:00 in the morning playing games. She sings at church and in public. She is a member of the Togetherettes. I guess that's all for now. Maybe I'll get the hang of this blogging thing and do it more often.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is what i'ts all about. I'm going to do one, but won't be as interesting as yours.