Thursday, January 24, 2008


*I'm having a 'big' birthday this year, as is my daughter. So we decided to take an all girls trip to Las Vegas. My Mom, sister Lori, and both daughters, Lynsi and Lacy are going. We are going during spring break. None of them have ever been there, so it will be quite a site. My Mother is very excited about it. When I was in Amarillo Tues. night, she had me to buy her some luggage for her trip. I told her not to pack just yet!

*I'm still a graduate student doing my practicum this semester. I had to have a supervisor that was an experienced counselor so I asked Liz Jones. She said she would do it. She has been a big help to me during my first year as a counselor. There is so much to know that they don't teach you in school. I've had to learn on my own mostly, with calls to Liz for help. I hope to graduate in May, but it may be August.

*Lacy is getting married in Sept. She first set the date to July, but decided that didn't give her enough time to plan. She is very organized and obsessed with everything being perfect. It's going to be a stressful time as well as a fun time planning this wedding with her. My family has never had a big wedding before, so it will be fun. She cannot wait to get married and to move back to Dallas. She likes the city.

*I'm having our financial aid workshop here in Chillicothe tonight. We only have 10 seniors, but I think they are all going to college. Most of them to Jr. College, but that's still a good place to start. I think kids from small schools should start that way, at least for the first year. I have to go now and get ready for the workshop.

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I loved your blog and the slide show is ssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooo good