Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I haven't done a Not Me Monday in a long time and Lacy thought I should do one since I NEVER do anything dumb or that I would be embarrassed, not me!! The Not Me! Monday was started over at Mckmama's blog.

I did not give in to Erynn after two days of her not begging me for a snow cone maker from Walmart. I did not tell her over and over that No, I was NOT going to buy that dumb snow cone maker. And after I purchased it, I did not offer to buy the cute little snow cone cups and several flavors of the syrup. And after I didn't buy her the snow cone maker, I did not tell her to not ask for anything else until her birthday!

One day while walking outside to give Tony the hamburgers to put on the grill, I did not fall flat on my face because of the freakin' gate that was broken and all of the tin on the ground from my roof that STILL has not gotten done. I did not keep all of the burgers on the plate when they fell.....and Tony most certainly did not laugh from the other side of the fence and tell me to go around the other way. He would never do that...he would come running to help me up!! He is such a loser good husband!!

I also did not tell Ethan that until he stays out of trouble at school for not doing his homework that he could absolutely not spend the night with me.....and he most certainly did not spend the night with me that same night that I told him he couldn't. And Erick didn't stay, too, because I've told them only one kid at a time on a school night. Like I said before....I am not a pushover Nana who gives in to her grandkids every wish!! No, not me!!

I did not have a good Mother's Day because I did not get to see all of my kids and grandkids. I'm never happy to see them and while Jacob was not here, I didn't rock him until 1:30 in the morning because he sleeps so well at night!!


Linda said...

I'm glad that you didn't fall on your face, and that you NEVER cave in to your grandkids! LOL

Living It, Loving It said...

That's what grandkids are for - spoiling!