Friday, May 8, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

Little League Baseball has officially started.

Erynn is on the Divas and they are just that!! They may not win, but they are the prettiest and best dressed team out there!!

Erick is on the Braves. This is his first year for kid pitch.

Ethan and Calor are on the same team....the Rangers! Calor is one of the oldest ones on that team and Ethan is the youngest one.

Bailey is not playing this year. She would have to be with girls that are in JH and Bailey is not very big, so it would be pretty scary for her to play with those big girls....scary for me, that is!! She is sticking with golf this year and she is pretty good.

Last night there were 2 games that we went to. Erynn played first on the softball field and then Ethan and Calor played at the Rock Stadium. Erick has his first game tonight, then more games tomorrow. It looks like I'll be living at the baseball and softball fields this summer and I hope to go and watch Bailey play golf, too.

(Side note----our Rock Stadium is in the running to get re-built by Kelloggs. The last time I looked, we were in first place. We have until the 31st to vote and you can vote using each of your email addresses every go here to vote.)

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