Thursday, June 11, 2009


I haven't blogged in a while. I've been thinking about it, but I never just sit down to do it. So I thought I would just post about some random things that have been going on since my last post.

The end of school was only a couple of weeks ago. I was in charge of 2 graduations in Chillicothe...the 8th grade and the HS. Both went off pretty well, if I do say so myself. I had two nephews that graduated from Wellington that week also.
This is Jarod and Kody with their uncle Tony.

With the end of school came a lot of awards ceremonies, playdays and lots of celebrations. I didn't get to go to any of them, but I have pictures anyway.

This is Ethan with his teacher. This was his last day in Elementary school. It's hard to believe that I'm old enough to have a JH grandson!!

Here is Bailey and some of her friends at playday.

This is Erick and friends at playday.

This is Erynn and her class with their Bobcat stars at playday.(she is the one right next to the HS boy in blue) The little kids really have fun and look up to the high school kids. It's a good program that has been going on for years now.

Lacy is going back to work for her cardiologist on Monday. I'm going to stay with her for a week so that I can keep Jacob and help her get back in the swing of things. She found him a daycare today that he will be going to the next week, but until then, I'll have him all to myself all next week!!

I also had a angiogram this week. I'm still recovering from it. I'm better, but still a little sore. They didn't find any blockage so I didn't have to have a stint, which was very good news. It's so strange how that they can give you meds and you don't remember a thing that they did to you. I remember being in the operating room and this one man asking me where I was from and then the next thing I know, I'm back in my room. I've been lying around for 3 days now and am ready to get back to doing things. I think tomorrow, I'll be ok.

The week after school was out, Ethan and Erynn went to North Carolina with their aunt and uncle. I just about had a fit over that because I found out they would not be back for 3 weeks! I just can't stand to be without them for that long and that is a long way to go without either Mom or Dad. I've talked to them a few times and Erynn has a Myspace that I talk to her on. I keep telling her that if they get homesick, I'll come and get them. She wrote me back yesterday and said 'Nana, I told you 1000 times that I was not going to get homesick!'. So I guess I'll quit worrying about them. I still miss them though and I hope they come home sooner than expected.

I have two trips planned this summer. For our 3oth anniversary, Tony and I are going to Branson. We are driving and stopping wherever we want and are going to do whatever we want. I can't wait!! In August we are all going to Six Flags to take all of the kids. That will be fun, too, but probably scorching hot!!

I know this is a long post and if you are still reading, you need a medal!! Hope you all have a great summer!!


Lacy said...

Where's my medal?

Honeyma said...

Glad you blogged. This was a good one. So proud for Lacy, too. She has a good job and will probably move up in it.