Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm so sad right now. Maybe I'm making too much out of it, but I was so hoping to see the 'E' kids on Sunday. I haven't seen Ethan and Erynn for 3 weeks when they went back to North Carolina with their uncle. I threw a fit about them going, which did no good, but I lived through those 3 weeks and was so looking forward to Sunday. Erick didn't want to go to NC, so he stayed here the first week, then he had to go with his Dad and has been there for 2 weeks. Now their Dad and I use that word lightly decides he is not going to be able to go and get them tomorrow because he has to work, so those poor kids have to stay in NC for one more week. I know they were looking forward to coming home and seeing their Mom. I know they must be homesick and I can hardly stand to think about it. This will make FOUR weeks being away from their Mom and Dad and especially me!! Tony is mad about it too, but he knows we can't do anything about it so he just wants me to cheer up and get over it.....but I can't just 'get over it'. I talked to them on the phone earlier and I guess they were alright, but I know they are homesick. Hearing their voices made me even sadder, but I want them to know how much I miss them. I know I need to get myself together and just be ready for them to come home and I may not let them out of my sight ever again!! I think I will have to fight their Mom and T-pa in order to keep them all to myself!!!


Lacy said...

They will be back before you know it.
That's a funny picture of Erick.

honeyma said...

Everyday brings them closer. Just try to stay busy and pass the time quickly.