Sunday, February 1, 2009

'ME' weekend

I got to go to Amarillo Friday and stay until Sat. We didn't have school on Friday, so I went early to go shopping. I stayed in my favorite place, the Drury Inn. This is my favorite hotel of all time!! My birthday is next month, so I considered this my birthday present to myself. I also discovered my new favorite place to shop. It's call Mardel's. If you are a teacher, I'm sure you have probably been there and it's a teacher's heaven!! I stayed for over an hour and didn't see nearly everything they had. I will definitely be going back.

The reason I went is because I have one more class that I have to take for my counseling program and it's a hybrid class, which means we meet two weekends during the semester and then the rest is online. This class was held in the Amarillo center of WT, which is in the Chase building. This was the first and the last class I will have there. I went Friday night from 5 - 9 and then all day Sat. The class was not too exciting because it was about to read all of those statistics when you give an achievement or IQ test. But I did have fun with all of my friends who I haven't seen since the summer. On Sat., we went to eat at an Italian restaurant that was downtown. It was really good. I won't get to see these friends again until March. We will communicate by email, however. I have made some really good counselor friends at WT. I will kinda miss not having anymore classes after this. I think I could be a life time student, if I could afford it!!

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