Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama stared what is called Not Me! Monday. I like to do these posts to let everyone know things that I would never do!! Check here for more not me Mondays.

I'm absolutely not starting this on Tuesday to automatically post on Monday just in case I forget something. That is ridiculous because I NEVER forget anything!!

I certainly did not yell at the lady from the electric company on the phone because she was not cooperating with me and answering my questions. She did not tell me the same thing over and over and I did not get madder and madder. I did not tell this girl called DeeDee that I was changing electricity companies and I was putting her down as the reason!! And I most certainly did not hang up on her. I am not like that!! I am a nice person and would never yell at someone who is not doing their job like poor DeeDee!! Nope, not me!!

(Mrs. Jenschky, please do not read this part!!) I did not tell Erick just a very few answers on his paper just so we could get done with his homework. After all I'm a teacher, so I don't know how important it is for him to do his own work. I would never rush him in any way!!

I did not have 7th grade girl after 7th grade girl in my office ALL week long crying and complaining about other 7th grade girls that they get along with so well!! 7th grade girls are never mean to one another!! I did not think to myself that they should have their own school until they get out of the 7th grade and that their teachers should be prisoners or someone who is being punished....that would reform those people really fast and they would never want to have to teach 7th grade girls again!! ( I really love those girls...but some days!!!)

I did not have the worst Friday the 13th ever that carried over into the worst weekend ever.....but that's another post for another day!


Jenschke Family said...

I love it! I did read it and you have my blessings!! I completely understand and sometimes it just isn't worth the battle!

Anonymous said...

I give you all the credit in the world. The middle school age is the toughest of all, I think.

MamaBotos said...

love your post!!! love your famly... crazy girl!

Honeyma said...

Now that was a good post. Poor DeeDee