Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This is Monday again and I've been doing Not Me! Monday that Mckmama started. Tonight I just have one little story to tell you that I absolutely, positively did not do. So don't believe a word of it!!

I'm the Spanish 3 facilitator for the distance learning class. Their Spanish teacher is in Petrolia and we watch and learn through the tv. They can hear everything we say and we can hear everything they say. So today I knew we had an assembly at 11:00 and our class starts at 10:30. So at about 10:50, there was an announcement that said, would all jrs. and srs. go to the library. My 5 students just sat after a minute or two, I said, "aren't ya'll going to go to the library?" So they all just got up and left. I explained to the Spanish teacher that there had been an announcement and that we were suppose to go to the library. So then I leave and get to the library and there are only my 5 kids there. So I asked them where everyone else was and they said..."Mrs. Martinez, that announcement was in Petrolia....not here!! But thanks for letting us out of class early". Another kid said that that was the best way he has ever gotten out of class early.... They all thought that it was quite amusing.

That could not have possibly happened to me....what am I an idiot???? Am I??? Nope, not me!!!


Honeyma said...

Well, I loved the story and your layout is really pretty. I liked the pictures of the kids in the snow, too.

Lacy said...

I want everyone to know that I am not surprised one bit that you did "not" do this....not one bit!!!

Amanda KP said...

lana, you are awesome!!! i love it!!! deep down it was your subconscious wanting to get out of class!! way to NOT listen to it!! :)

Pink Ink said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

I think that story is cute, and probably a "mistake" the kids did not mind at all. :-)

As for a blog name suggestion, I think Lana's Blog sums it up, but here are some that came to mind:

Lines From Lana
Lana Land
Love, Lana
Living La Vida Lana

Just my 2 cents :-)

Tiffany said...

Stopping by from SITS. That was a funny story!

JenReg said...

I really doubt you did that...but I bet the kids really love you now!

Please come and check out all of the things I didn't do!