Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calm, Not stressed......A-OK!!!!!

Just a quick post to let everyone know how calm and collected I am....I am NOT stressed.....and you may ask, why would you be stressed? And my answer is......Texas Education Agency(TEA) is here auditing us for the TAKS test.....asking many, many questions, making sure we are doing everything just right!! So that's no reason to be stressed....right??.......right??? Someone please tell me that it's not a reason to be stressed!!

The lady that's here is really nice. She told me a while ago that everything looked good so far and then she said, but it's still early...I'll be here tomorrow too!! After she saw the color leave my face, she said, oh, I'm just kidding....I'm sure it will be alright tomorrow....'you are just easy to mess with'...meaning it doesn't take much to make me panic!!

Ok...I better get back to work......and convincing myself that I'm cool, calm, NOT stressed and A-OK!!!!!


Amanda KP said...

oh girl!!! you are going to be just fine!! we (kelly, gina, rita, liz & i--i'm sure there are others, too) have been praying for you all morning...ever since we heard from kyle that TEA had shown up on your campus!!
i'm sure you will do great!!!

breathe in...breathe out... ;)

Belinda said...

you'll be fine, just pray thats all you need to do.Have a great day and see ya next week.

The Vannoy Family said...

Hang strong woman! You've done a fine job and they will find that out - won't that be nice! You are awesome!

Living It, Loving It said...

My son's school had their 3rd grade assessment testing this week too. He forgot his glasses yesterday and he called me all frantic. His dad had to drop them off. I think its not just the teachers that get stressed out about the testing, so do the kids - no matter the age.

Ginger said...

I was wondering why some lady from TEA called me the other day and was asking for a character reference on you...........


Don't stress too much....it is almost over and you are doing a great job!

Monica Vidaurri said...

You are doing a great job!!!!!!

The Rambler said...

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out.

Here's a paper bag :)

That mean joking lady.

Good luck with everything!