Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm sitting here in my office in the JH building. We are all locked down because the 8th graders are testing in this building. It's just 2 teachers, the 8th graders and me. It's very quiet!! No one is allowed in this building today, except for us!!

Last week was a crazy week....but aren't they all??? Lynsi got sick with pneumonia and was in the hospital for 3 days. I had her 3 kids, which I don't mind at all....it's just that I'm too old to get 3 kids and me ready for school!! Tony actually did it the first day and then I did it on Thursday and Friday. They were really good, but it's hectic getting all of their folders signed, their picture money ready, making sure their homework is in their folder and feeding them breakfast...of course they all want something different. I sure admire parents of school age children who work....especially single parents....Lynsi does this everyday!!!

At school it's also been crazy this week. We have had some trouble with some very offensive things on kids cell phones at school. I can't go into the details, but if you have a teenager, or a pre-teen, I suggest that you check your child's phone once in a while. Other people can send forwards to their phone and if they get caught with the offensive material on their phones, they can be in big trouble. It's horrible what some people send to kids' phones and then of course those kids will send it on to their friends. If you have watched the news lately, there's something known as 'sexting' that kids do these days. They send pictures of themselves with nothing on to their boyfriends or girlfriends, who in turn send them to other kids and put them on the internet. It's a very serious problem. Don't think that your kids are immune to stuff like that. From what I've seen this week alone....anyone can do it and will do it. There are cases in the news about kids being arrested for this kind of thing. It's considered child pornograhy.

I'm on the entertainment committee in Childress. We do all of the 4th of July stuff in the park, have a 4th of July pageant, and do a talent show in the fall. During Easter, we have what is called a Tiny Tot Revue. It's a little fun pageant for boys and girls from newborn to age 6. It's a way to show off their Easter clothes and let everyone see how darling your child is!! And they all are precious. We do give prizes to one boy and one girl in each catergory, except for the babies......you can't judge babies.....they are all cute!! They use to do this in Wellington and they did it for over 20 years, but it was turned over to other people and it finally fizzled out, so we decided to try it here. It's been successful so far. This is our 4th year to do it. If you know someone with little kids, tell them about this or if you just like to see cute kids, then come and watch. We will also have entertainment between groups. It's Sat. at 6:30 in the JH auditorium. If you want to enter someone, go to Fantastic Footwear or Deanna's Cuttin' Up cottage and pick up a form. We will take entries until Friday.

Here are a few of the contestants from last year. Aren't they cute!!

Here are the entertainers from last year!

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