Friday, April 3, 2009

Is it Necessary to be So Rude!!

I was at Lynsi's with Erynn...the phone rang and Erynn answered's how it went.

Erynn: Hello

Man: Is Paulina there?

Erynn: I think you have the wrong number.

Man: You are lying!!!

Erynn, (with a shocked look on her face) to me: Nana, he doesn't believe me!!!

Me: Hello

Man: I need to talk to Paulina

Me: Who?

Man(practically yelling): Who?, Paulina (he said her last name but I won't), that's who!

Me: You have the wrong number

Man: Is this ***-****(he said Lynsi's number)

Me: Yes

Man(in the most hateful voice ever): Well, on March 15th this was the right number.

Me: No one by that name lives here.

Man(sarcastically): REALLY!!!

Me: Yes, this is the Martinez residence!!

Man: Uhhhh.....(and he hung up)

How can you be so rude?? And how can you tell an 8 yr. old she's a liar!!! What an idiot!!


Honeyma said...

Look up the caller id # and call him back. Say, I'm sorry you had a bad day. What a jerk

Jenschke Family said...

I agree with Honeyma. You can google the phone number and then file a complaint.

We have had the same phone number for over 5 years and we still get calls for Vicky....She must have NEVER paid a bill. When I answer and they ask for Vicky I say "Don't know her, never have, had this number for 5 years. You call back and we will file a complaint" and hang up. So far it has worked.

Lonnie talked to the Sheriff and he said the only way to stop those calls is to change your number. He said those places have revolving doors of employees and they have no skills whatsoever.

Guess you experienced that yesterday! Sorry Eryn had to experience that mess at such a young age.