Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Ten Favorite Movie Characters

I was tagged by this Lana, who was tagged by this Lana. Yes there are 3 of us in the blogosphere that I know of!! Lana is not a very common name, so I was excited to find 2 more!!

I'm suppose to name my 10 favorite movie characters and tell why they are cool!! I'm doing female characters. I have a list of male ones, but I'll do that another time. And then I'm suppose to tag 5 people. So here it goes....

1. Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail. I don't like Meg Ryan, but I think she is cool in this movie because she gets Tom Hanks....and he's my favorite.

2. Sally Field in Steel Magnolias. I've always loved Sally Field and I think she did an awesome job in this movie. It's one movie I have watched over and over.

3. Shirley McClain in Terms of Endearment. She is cool in this movie because of the love she has for her daughter and grandkids.

4. Jennifer Connelley in A Beautiful Mind. Another favorite movie. I admire Mrs. Nash for all that she had to go through with her husband's illness.

5. Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. I always wanted to be a dancer!!

6. Olivia Newton John in Grease. She's cool because she gets to dance with John Travolta....who is the coolest of all!!

7. Jane Fonda in Georgia Rule.

8. Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls.

9. Drew Barrymore in Fever Pitch.

10. Julia Roberts in Step Mom.

Here are the 5 people I'm tagging:






If you've read this far, then tag, you're it, too!!


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Great selection! I almost picked Russel Crowe's character in A Beautiful Mind, but came up with a few others instead. And I'm totally envious. How could I have by-passed Baby???? I guess I stuck her in the corner...:P

Living It, Loving It said...

Thanks for playing along. I also loved the main characters in "A Beautiful Mind" and I always love any with Sally Field. Now, Georgia Rule was a great movie as well.

Honeyma said...

Ok, I want to do this, but I can't figure it out. I will see you this afternoon, so you can show me how. I'll be thinking of my favorite actors.