Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here is another installment of Not Me Monday started by MckMama. Here are the things I did not do this week.

First of all let me say that I AM NOT on spring break!!!

Ethan did not leave the door open on Thursday night and Cam, Lacy's cat, did not get out. Then Ethan and I did not go out in the cold looking for him up and down the alley. The next day, Tony and Erynn didn't do the same thing after school. We were not that worried that Lacy would be mad at us if we lost her cat. After all, we haven't lost one before!! And Cam did not finally come home after 24 hours out and about!! I wasn't happen to see him.

I did not tell Lacy that it's ok to go ahead and have the baby now. Because she always listens to me and I know that if I told her that she would do it. After all, she didn't have the baby during TAKS because I told her not to. I am in charge of everyone!!

And I'm not already packed and ready to go when I get the call about the baby. I'm not excited about Jacob....he's just a baby and I've seen babies before!!!


Honeyma said...

Good post..........and I an NOT ready for Jacob either.

Lacy said...

You didn't put that you "did not" lie about Cam being gone and "did not" pretend like nothing was wrong when you talked to me....hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Those cats will find a way, won't they?

Christine @ Live Laugh Love said...

*giggles* on the cat - glad it all worked out!

OOOHHHHH a new baby! Yah, seen one you've seen them all... ;)