Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break is Almost Over

Sprink Break is half over. It started out all right but now is not so good. First of all the E kids are staying with their Dad during spring break and Bailey is out of town, so it's been really quiet around here.

On Sunday night, my foot started hurting like I had sprained it or something, but it wasn't too bad. Monday I got up and did a lot of things around the house and ran some errands at places that I'm not here for during business hours...such as the bank, post office, pharmacy. I decided that I was going to start walking, so I went to the park with my i-pod and walked for 30 min. My foot hurt a little but not any worse than it had before. Tuesday, I finished up washing and cleaning, hoping to get to go to Wichita for Lacy's baby, but as of right now, he is still not here..oh, well! I went walking Tuesday and Wednesday, but after I got done Wednesday, my foot was really hurting. And to make things worse, my throat started getting sore and by this morning, I couldn't walk or talk....and I really like doing those things!!

Thank goodness for my DVR!! Since I can't do much but sit around, I've gotten caught up on some of my shows on my DVR. I always record Criminal Minds, and all of the Law and Orders. I also record DWTS and The Celebrity Apprentice. And I love March Madness!! So things could be a lot worse for me...actually this is a pretty good spring's all in how you look at it I guess!!

But, I'm not writing this to get sympathy from anyone. These are just minor inconveniences that will soon be gone. I've been reading 98 Minutes in Heaven and after reading what that poor man went through, my problems are nothing. If you haven't read that book, I would highly recommend it. My daughter-in-law bought an autographed copy for me when the author came and spoke at church. I'll be glad to loan it out if anyone wants to read it.

I've gotten a lot of rest this week.....I guess that's a good thing. When school starts back and Lacy finally has the baby, I'm afraid my rest is over!!!!


Lacy said...

I wanted to leave a comment because you like comments but I don't really have anything to say...but here's your comment anyway!

Amanda KP said...

Oh man...sorry you have not felt well!!! Glad you are getting to rest and catch up on your shows!!! :) Can't wait for pictures when that grandbaby gets here!!! Enjoy the rest of your break!!!