Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Here are just some thoughts that I'm having right now.

1. Today is my niece Meagan's birthday. She is 14. Happy Birthday Meagan!!

2. I'll be glad when 6:00 comes today because I will get to see Erynn. She spent the week with her Dad and I haven't seen her since last weekend.

3. Everytime I watch the news it's terrible news about the economy. I always think how lucky Tony and I are to have good jobs. And all of our family members also have good jobs. With the careers that we have chosen, there will always be work for daughters are both nurses and my son works for the prison. The layoffs luckily haven't affected us or this small town much. I know there are people without jobs here in town, but it's not as bad as the rest of the country.

4. Lacy did what I told her to and didn't have the baby during TAKS week!!:) I guess it really wasn't her choice. Little Jacob was not ready.....and he's still not, I guess. Ignacio's friends at Best Buy are having a bar-b-q/babyshower tonight for her. She calls it the Baby-Q!! I think she has everything she needs for the baby. Hopefully this time next week, I'll be posting pictures of him.

5. I need some help. Everyone has cool blog names but me. Mine is boring.....Lana's boring is that. So I need suggestions. Please leave me a comment with a cool name for my blog and I may give the winner a prize!!!

6. Last night Tony took me to K-Bob's to eat. That's a big treat for me because he doesn't like to go out to eat. He thinks that he can make a better steak than anyone. But when I was there, I was sad because I was remembering the times when the girls all went out to eat there every Friday...when we had an hour for lunch. So if you are reading this, Amanda, Neweta, Kelly, Donna, Paula and the Vannoys.....we need to get together sometime and eat at K-Bob's!! Any one else is welcome to join us too!!!


Honeyma said...

How about one of the suggestions on the comments on one of your older know, Lana's Lines or such. I forgot what the others were.

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What about "the martinez minutes" or "mixin' it up martinez style"? Just a suggestion, well, two actually.